Timeless Beauty Through the Limner’s Lens

Denise Morris Curt, a painter of the Renaissance school, known internationally as the Connecticut Limner, has focused her artist’s eye through the camera lens illuminating another facet of her creativity.

Concentrating on ancient dwelling places, portals and windows, retaining the spirit of myriad people who gazed through 12th century glass colored by the elements, tempered by the seasons, reflecting timeless places and persons. Searching the world over to find the beautiful, interpreting it with wonderment and evoking emotion in the viewer.

Pagan temples, sacred groves, magic glimpses, towering spires, enchanted time lapses, mythical fantasies, inspirational sights and archaic architecture. Gentle portrait renditions of contemporary goddesses and children reflecting the inner being.

An astounding collection that magically lures you down a path of intriguing shadow and into the distant light, triggering your imagination, recreating a scene one senses and has at last captured. Having gathered her inspiration from every continent, she shares this joyful exuberance internationally with her many collectors and patrons.

Yale long gone wisteria 20x30 $75.
Wine Tasters Guild Austria
Vines of Morrocco.
Villefranche Fr. cottage.
Vezelay sleeping wisteria
Vezelay shadow play-125
The Wicked Waloo-Fiji
The Wicked Waloo Fiji dusk
The Sultans garden:fountain.
The Emporers garden SP
Sulawesi S. Pacific God
Sulawesi ancient God -20
Strasbourg FR
ST. Nicholas Turkey
St Paul deVence Stair 1979 Xmas
St Paul 2012 Staircase
Spanish balconies Madrid
Seville Spain -121
Sarlat stair caseFR.
Salzburg-Mozarts windows
Royal Revelers window
Rotterday Rhine Wine sign
Rotterdam shutters.
Rocamadour Fr.58720024-1
Roc Gageac the Dordogne Fr.
Ralph Lauren Arch Morrocco
Provence-Quiet Village
Paris entry to the courtyard
Nice Fr laundry day
Mijas Sp. bull ring
Lisbon, Portugal door
Italy.cliff now gone, almost me too.
Istanbul regal lavabo
Hon Fleur, FR.
Halicarnasus Roosters
Gordes FR.
Giverney-Rose Alee of Monet
Fumel:Cuzorn Fr.
Fumel Cuzorn FR.
Fiji thatched house
Fiji musician
Fiji handsome & single
Fiji ancient lovers
Epheseus Turkey126
Collonge La Rouges France
Chenoncaux Fr. canal
Chambord mist Autumn FR
Cappadocia, Turkey
Bruges canal
Bodrum seaport door.
Belle Castle 58720021
Being King is great!
Beaune, FRance
Barcelona, Spain
Austrian staircase
Arles FR. Van Gogh Cafe
Aquaduct- Morrocco
Ancient Turkish cave dwellings
Ana Capri monastery vines.
x-Chenoncaux photo
Vezelay France
The stalwart Sicilian shepard
Old Mill nr Giverney
Last rose of winter
Fiji fertility God
Wounded Cherub-Carpeaux
Carpeaux..cherub back
Belle Castle-Dordogne
Windows of learning:Ivy U. wall Germany
web of ages-Vezelay
Wall of women Spain
Venice canal 58720017
Venetian grand canal
turkish early musicians
The little mermaid Dnmk
The Creator of Man..Greece.
Temple of Love Bruges
ST. Michael..
Portugese pharmacist
Nature -the Louvre 8
Mt. ST. Michel normandy
Michael the Gentle Soul
Lion Fountain Spain
Giverney-Monet's door
early music
Domme reflection FR
Collonges La Rouge FR
Cher River:Chenoncaux
Chambord FR
Bruges entry way
Black Madonna-Poland
Baroque splendor Spain
Adam:Eve:Serpent FR
unnamed (4)