Silenced Musical Instruments

Music is love in search of a word: Cello’s, violins, bass’ guitars, mandolins, once alive in the forest as trees, became wondrous instruments of music, damaged and broken losing their spirit, they now sweetly sing with angel and goddess voices.

Limning, to portray words with paint, is an archaic art form attributed to the 11th century European illuminators, learned monks and scribes, as well as the 17th and 18th century New England Folk Artists. Early American portrait limners worked in a two dimensional style, not the more formal manner of the academic artist, emphasizing those features which most strongly expressed character, aiming at realism, therefore achieving striking impact.

Denise paints on antique and historic wood panels from New England houses, ships and furniture, lovingly used in everyday life.   Each panel is catalogued on the reverse side so that the history is recorded and the article does not go unlamented. The original patina is retained, but the panel takes on a new life form to provide present and future generations with joyful exuberance and enthusiasm. Musical instruments of the past – silenced forever when broken, sing again with pure voices visually. The angel’s wings shimmer with particles of amethyst, emerald, and mica. Guild and Instant Ancestor Portraits are likenesses of those you cherish in period costume, depicting profession, expression, or just a grand escape to a more gracious and flamboyant era. Commissions are painted from a photo on your heirloom panel or one from the Limner’s vast collection of stilled stringed instruments and antique wood.